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Moose Lake Area History
By David Anderson
The history of Moose Lake and the surrounding area from the early days to 1918
Price: $13.50 plus $0.93 Minnesota tax

Moose Lake History, Volume II, 1918 to 1989
Compiled and published by the Moose Lake Historical Society
Price: $13.50 plus $0.93 Minnesota tax

Kettle River, Automba and Kalevala
by Edwin Manni
The history of the Kettle River area also 1918 fire stories.
Price: $15.00 plus $1.03 Minnesota tax

Fire Beast:75th Commemoration Edition of Victims and Stories
By Carol Illikainen and published by MLAHS
Price: $15.00 plus $1.03 Minnesota Tax

Automba: A study of a Finnish Timber Boon Town
By Dan Reed
Price: $29.95 plus $2.06 Minnesota Tax

1918 Fire Stories: A collection of Stories and Documents related to the Forest Fires of 1918 that devastated a large area of Northeastern Minnesota
Compiled by the Moose Lake Area Historical Society commemorating the 85th Anniversary of the 1918 Fires
Price: $22.00 plus $1.51 Minnesota Tax

Fury of the Flames–A pictorial record of the great forest fire which raged in Northern Minnesota on October 12, 1918
Price: $5.00 plus $0.34 Minnesota tax

Champions of Carlton County-State Tournament Teams of Carlton County from 1955 to 2008
By Melody Swenson
Price: $20.00 plus $1.38 Minnesota Tax

Plus $5.00 postage/handling fee per book.

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